Dr. Rabea Abobakr

Prof. of Dermatology &  Andrology & Infertility & STDs.
Master degree 1989.
Doctorate degree 1998.
2 years (1994/1996) clinical fellowship at Boston university school of medicine USA.
Dermatology & cosmetology specialist.
Worked at Saudi's Arabia and kewate as consultant dermatologist 2010 /2012.
Clinical dermatology therapies.
Male infertility & Sexology therapies.
Sexually transmitted diseases therapies.
Diploma degree in general surgery . 
Doing dermatological & andrological & cosmetic surgeries.
Laser treatments in dermatological & cosmetic conditions.
Botox injection for wrinkles & hyperhidrosis and other indications.
Injection of different kinds of fillers in different indications.
Doing PRP for face & neck & Hair fall & Striae .
Doing chemical peeling for different indications.
Doing Mesotherapy  for hair fall & fat dissolving (Meso fat) or fat dissolving injection.